Frequently Asked Questions

What is Professor Garfield?

The Professor Garfield web site has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of many corporations, organizations, universities and educators who care about developing a creative and innovative learning portal for children, K-8. Materials included on the Professor Garfield site are developed and reviewed by educational experts who have the best interests of students and educators in mind.

We do not have advertising on the site and every effort is made to be a kid-friendly and SAFE environment where children can learn and express themselves in a very positive manner.

Why do I need to register at the Professor Garfield web site?

You don’t! Everything on Professor Garfield is FREE to use without registration. To use the basic (free) version of X-Treme Comics, (or access to awesome premium features) you’ll need to register so we can save your work. If you’d like the extra features to create even MORE awesome comics, talk to your Mom and Dad and have them go here to read more about it.

Why do my parents or guardian have to give me permission to register to use X-treme Comics or other features?

We have to collect your email address and assign a password to allow you to use the X-treme Comics features. If you’re a student under 13, the law requires that we get your Mom or Dad’s permission first. To make things easier, we are asking any student under 18 to register with their parent’s permission.

I see a Log in button. What is that for?

If you have registered to use either the basic or premium features of X-treme Comics, you’ll need to log-in to get access to anything you’ve saved or to get access to your premium features. If you haven’t, just ignore that button.

I LOVE X-treme Comics. How can I get more features?

X-treme Comics is one of the most powerful comics/graphic novel creation tools available bar none! With the premium version you can make multi-page comics, use the complete pallet of character creation tools, import any graphic or make your own objects, import audio, use infinitely adjustable page layouts, and a whole lot more! Click on this link to start the sign up process.

Teacher and Parent FAQs (Kids, DO NOT READ!)

What additional features can I can with an X-treme Comics premium subscription?

The Premium version of the X-treme Comics does adds a tremendous amount of features for teachers. It provides tons of additional creation tools for your students to use but also provides a complete back-end teacher tool kit. You will be able to create an online classroom showcase that is password protected, you can monitor all of your students work, you have the option of letting students comment on each other’s works, give parents access to your showcase, and you have all sorts of rubrics that you can use to assign projects. For a more complete overview, watch the Teacher Video on this page.

What does it cost to get these features?

There is an interactive pricing matrix on this page.

How do I get in to manage my students' accounts?

To manage your X-treme Comics Student accounts, Log in to your account here and go to the account settings.

Where can I find additional information for using this content in my classroom or at home with my child?

PGF has a teacher resource center that includes information about our partners, printables for your classroom, educational links, our content by standards, and much more! Click here.